updated November 16th, 2017



Some lovely human being shared this status on Facebook last week:


Attn: Canadian friends & family!!!
Did you know that if you text youthspace when you are feeling down, desperate or feel like harming yourself, a crisis worker will text you back immediately and continue to text with you? Many people, especially millennials, don’t like talking on the phone and would feel much more comfortable texting. This is a free service for anyone.
(Youthspace) 778-783-0177 across Canada *service availability is 6pm to midnight daily.
If you would like to join me in raising awareness of this nation-wide service, please copy and paste.


It’s amazing for us to be getting so much attention. So many more people are aware of Youthspace now, and we hope to be able to help as many as we can!


The current numbers of chats we are receiving is higher than our volunteers can take. This unfortunately means that we are NOT getting back to people immediately. In fact, we are now sometimes seeing long wait times to chat. Also, due to the number of chat requests, we are occasionally offline during our hours of operation because our queue is so full (think of it like a doctor’s office with a completely filled waiting room). If we do not text you back between 6pm-midnight PST, it’s because our service was offline when when you texted us.


We don’t want to discourage people from using our service, but also want to be clear about our current limitations. We anticipate the buzz will quiet down after a while. In the meantime, we still encourage youth to try us out. If you’re unable to reach, or the wait is too long, please check out this page or this page to see other online/text options, or call your local phone-phone based crisis line (if you are okay talking on the phone).


Thank you for your understanding. And to all of you who shared the Facebook status, thank you for caring about – and supporting – mental health supports in our Canadian community. <3


~The Team

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