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    lately I’ve been feeling a bit down and distracted and i don’t understand why. sometimes i just want the world to stop for a few minutes; just to have silence and be alone. i feel alone because I’ve completely isolated myself in this world that we live in and its crazy because 4 years ago i had it all i had enough family and some friends but, now 4 years later i feel like i have nothing and that i have no one to turn to in this kind of situation. (i also don’t talk to my family due to past issues) i also feel like i’m not smart because i’m barely passing math and probably need a tutor but no one wants to help. i feel like i’m filled with anxiety since i am moving to a new school and won’t have any friends there; school is hard enough as it is already.

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    Sounds like you’re feeling somewhat scattered and low lately. I get the sense that from what you’ve written, your life feels simultaneously full and empty; you feel isolated and without support, but also crave a sense of quiet aloneness. You mention having isolated yourself, but I can hear that – at least for family – that isolation has sometimes been safer for you. It sounds like things are moving really quickly for you and causing stress! I’m glad that you are reaching out to Youthspace to talk about it, and hope that it helps you feel like you’re a tiny bit less alone with the burden.

    Would you like to talk more about the anxiety you’re feeling? I imagine that there might be a feeling of dread associated with going to a new school, especially if you haven’t had an easy time interacting with people in general recently.

    Just to let you know, we are going to be removing the forums soon (within the next couple of weeks) from because they’ve been getting very few posts in the last few years. To make sure that you have support before we go taking this space away though, we wanted to ask if you’d like us to look up some other, similar public forums that you could post to (maybe some with more action!). You are also always welcome to use our chat service (open 6pm-12am PST every night), or email counselling (if you like a longer, one-on-one interaction –

    With care, Team

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    Hello again, SAD SOMETIMES,

    We’ve stalled the removal of the forum (and are seriously sorry for any confusion or upset we caused you). So if you’d like to keep posting, it looks like it’ll be around for a while longer yet.

    We’re here if you would like to share.

    <3 Youthspace Team

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