Suicide Intervention Toolkits

These three toolkits are youth informed resources on suicide intervention and support. Click on the images to download the .pdf files, which you are welcome and encouraged to share in your communities.

If you are interested in adapting these toolkits for your community, please reach out to Justine Thomson, Executive Director at NEED2: tel: 1.250.386.6328 ext. 202 or email:

Young people donated their time and valuable insight to inform the Suicide Intervention Toolkit for Youth…without their input, these resources would not have been possible. Thank you to Kaleigh Dupuis, Anika Peppard, Emily Rasmussen, Christine Camarso, Archer Ellard-Webster, Sara Kjernisted, Sophie Kjernisted, Jackson Busch, Will Busch, Nicole Quast and Adam Quast.  Thank you to the facilitators: Izzy Dehler-Hyde, Lux Welsch, Jen Harrison and Justine Thomson.

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