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    She’s so far and when im talking to her i feel no point in life. I wish we wern’t so far apart.

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    Hello Kklein,

    The sadness and yearning in your words is so clear. I can sense that she means something enormous to you, and that being apart tears you up inside. It sounds like there are moments when that sense of separation sucks everything out of you…

    I know that distance can be awful in a relationship. How do you cope with the emotions when your heart is crying out for her?

    Here for ya,
    The Support Team

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    Zelda Hyrule

    My Boyfriend lives ALL the way in the United States and I live here in Canada I feel your pain man, he said he’ll try visiting me but I just want a definite answer if he will or not unforutnately were taking a break in our relationship which makes me more depressed than ever before sigh =(

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