Self-Care Resources

These resources are not to be used to replace debriefing but as an additional support. <3

General Self-Care Resources
Self-Care Tips & ToolsArticlesWorksheets
  • 10 Self-Care Tips
  • Tips for mental health professionals.

    • Tools to Prevent Burnout
    • Strategies for mental health professionals.

      • Self-Care For Helping Professionals
      • Explore how self-care can support your health and wellness and learn tangible strategies to integrate self care into your daily routine. This tip sheet also includes a template to create a personalized self-care plan.

        • Boundaries
        • What are boundaries and why are they important?

  • Ethical Imperative of Self-Care
  • Discusses why self-care is important for mental health professionals.

    • Take Care of Yourself
    • Discusses the importance of taking care of yourself as a mental health professional.

  • Self-Care Balance Wheel
  • Use this worksheet to identify which areas of self-care you may be neglecting.

    • Self-Care Assessment
    • Use this worksheet to create a tangible self-care plan after identifying which areas of self-care you need to work on.

    Mindfulness for Beginners
  • Getting Started With Mindfulness
  • An introduction to what mindfulness is, how to mediate and the benefits.

    • Container Exercise
    • An exercise used in EMDR therapy to help set aside information, can be used to avoid taking chats home.

    Grounding Techniques
  • Techniques
  • List of grounding exercises to try.

    • Grounding Worksheet
    • Explains what grounding is and provides space to create personal grounding plan.

    Self-care is the practice of acknowledging your own needs and engaging in activities that refuel you in healthy ways. At we believe that when the work of the agency presents issues that are emotionally difficult each person has the right to receive support & that people have the right to set personal limits and have them respected. If you need extra support or to sign up for an LOA please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

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