Welcome to the info page for our Follow Up program!

Youthspace will be texting you from our follow-up line (it’s a different number to our crisis text line).  The volunteer who texts you will identify themselves as from Youthspace in the very first text.
We can talk about anything that’s on your mind the day we text. 


We won’t text you without your prior permission. We will text you twice and if we do not hear back from you in 20 minutes, we’ll stop contacting you. Chats will be kept to roughly 60 minutes long (but can be as short as you like).

If you missed our text, you’re more than welcome to chat in by IM at or text us on 778-783-0177 any evening from 6pm-Midnight PST. We want to hear from you.

Just like in a regular chat at Youthspace, we won’t share your number with anyone unless we are seriously concerned for your safety; then we may share your phone number or identifying information with local emergency services in order to get help. Click here to read our Terms of Service.

We welcome your feedback! You can always email us at [email protected]

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