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Hi Marie221,

I know its not much, but I care about you… we all do at Youthspace <3 And we’re worried about you, Marie221. It sounds like everything has become SO overwhelming that you need drastic ways of coping. I hope youre taking care of yourself and being as safe you can – we want you to be okay.

Im sorry your mom didnt take you seriously, or even listen to how much youre hurting… I can’t even imagine how much it stung when she laughed at you after you told her you wanted to die :'( It doesnt sound like she’s able to be the mom you need her to be. Have youve been able to tell anyone else how bad things are?

Oh Marie221, Im really hearing that it feels like no one cares or understands what youre going through… it doesnt sound like you feel safe at school or at home… like you have no where soft to land :( But Im also hearing that you havent given up entirely… although you feel beyond done, youre still trying to find reasons and ways to hang on.

Im really glad youre reaching out to talk about how youre doing – I hope you feel a little less alone <3 We here for you Marie221… stay strong.

the Support Team

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