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Hey Deepak2J,

Your studies obviously occupy a huge part of your life. It sounds like you feel like you’re giving it all you’ve got…but still barely making it through the semesters. I can imagine that it makes you really angry to feel like others are doing better simply because they don’t care about being honest. :(

I can hear how it’s making you question what is more important to you: passing classes, or staying honest and not cheating. I would guess that since they offered to help you cheat, it’s even harder to refuse… like you really hate the thought of succeeding through dishonesty, but “everyone else is doing it”. I’m curious, Deepak2j; are your professors aware of all the cheating going on?

This sounds like a confusing and frustrating situation for you. Just so you know, we try not to give advice/suggestions here (we believe that you know your life better than we ever will). We can keep talking about it though, and maybe something will come up for you that makes sense.

Stay connected, Deepak2J. I can hear how mistreated and alone you’re feeling, and how challenging it is to figure out what path to take.

-The Support Team

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