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Hey Eva .-.

I can hear how crushing this pain is for you… that it feels like your heart isn’t even capable of feeling more. I imagine the weight of all this pain feels as though it’s strangling the life out of you. I can tell that suicide is feeling like a real option right now; you have a plan to end your life… but at the same time the thought of killing yourself seems just as terrifying as continuing to live it..

Thank you for letting us know that you will be safe for tonight… I’m really worried about you Eva .-. I get the sense that you feel as though you can’t take much more of this pain… You said that you’re afraid of what will happen if people find out, and it can be really terrifying opening yourself up like that to others… but I’m really glad you’re connecting with us and getting some support. Do you think there might be any other people/services you would feel okay talking to in order to gain more support?

Sending lots of love and strength your way Eva .-.
<3 the Support Team

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