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Hey DashingDaisy,

I can hear what an incredible impact your relationship is having on you right now, and how multifaceted it has become despite your intention to keep it “no strings attached.” I would guess you are torn between your fear of becoming pregnant and the implications of that, and your desire to be closer to your partner and the child you might have together. I get a sense your feelings for your partner are deep and pure, and the thought of complicating things with money is despicable to you.

I can also hear in an edited part of your post that you feel a tremendous amount of anger and fear towards someone in your partner’s life who seems to be trying to sabotage things that are important to him (and you). Do you feel safe from this person, DashingDaisy?

We’ve edited the sexual content out of your post to protect you and others who use this forum; there is a resource you can use to talk about your sexual concerns: has message boards similar to ours, but with sexual health themes. I’m not sure if you’ve used them before?

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