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Hi browneyedramby,

Welcome to our forum! There’s really not a wrong way to do it…as long as you don’t get graphic or disrespectful. :)

It sounds like the battle that you’ve had with the eating disorder — and we can understand how engulfing such a battle can be — has really sucked the energy and vibrance out of a lot of your life. You talk of depression and boredom, and I get the sense that a numbness has settled on everyday life. You must be feeling really trapped right now.

We don’t really give advice here, because your life is not mine, I don’t know the whole circumstances, and I don’t have to live with the results, but we can help you brainstorm a little by talking about any ideas you might have. What have you tried as ways of combatting these feelings? Has any specific technique been more helpful than others? Would some resources around distractions or activities either on the internet or in your area be helpful?

It must be totally draining to hate every day, and feel like life is boring and meaningless. We are definitely here to listen if you want to talk more about the agony of living in that emptiness, and/or if you just want to brainstorm some ideas.

-The Support Team

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