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Hey there Dashing Daisy. It really seems like your life in the past year has been a precariously balanced line of dominoes, and that when the first domino tipped it triggered the whole line to come crashing down. I can hear how emotionally ragged you feel, and I imagine you’ve been completely blindsided by the problems that have arisen in your life as a result of your struggles with health.

I can hear how lonely you are feeling right now, longing for the comfort of a friend who is shutting you out. I can hear you are feeling frustrated that he does not fully understand how your mental health has affected your engagement in the relationship. I would guess a part of you is grieving the closeness you once shared, and that you are struggling to find an outlet for the feelings you would have at one time confided in him.

It sounds like you’ve hit some really low points recently, Dashing Daisy, and that both suicide and self harm have been on the table for you. Can you tell me where your thoughts are at around suicide right now? I can hear that while you have turned to self harm recently, you have also found your boundaries with it and stopped yourself from hurting yourself to a dangerous level. Do you feel confident you can continue to maintain those boundaries with yourself?

Glad to hear from you, Dashing Daisy, I hope you’ll keep in touch as you navigate the difficulties in your reality right now <3

the Support Team

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