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I’m so sorry to hear that the last few weeks have been so filled with painful blows. I can hear how seeing the way that the care worker just cut off contact was a huge, ugly experience for you; it seems to feed right into the feeling you have of being “just a job” — like if you mattered more to people, then they would feel it important to keep a connection with you — even if they weren’t being paid to do so. :’(

If I’m reading it right, for you, your parents are a stabilizing force and things have become a little more manageable with them back? I can hear though, that that doesn’t change the feelings, and that you’re still painfully aware of the romantic relationships of people around you. You look at the girlfriends that your brothers have, and you feel sadness and loneliness as you wonder if you will ever have that chance.

How are you coping right now Dan? Things have been high and low a lot for you lately… We’re here for ya.

The Support Team

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