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You do sound really low energy, really numb right now. I get how even though your mood is better when you’re on the medication in the evenings, that it doesn’t change the enduring feelings that you have. It must be endlessly frustrating to fall in and out of the pain like that. :(

I can hear how futile it all feels — like you keep going, and going, and going, only to find more of the same frustration and loneliness. I can only imagine how tired you are of talking about the dan day, and the feelings that you can’t escape from. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong in talking about it…and we’re here to listen (always)…but you would know better than us if it is helping at all. You say that you would like someone to give you a boost…what do you think that would look like for you, Dan?

You show an incredible strength, Dan, and we are here to support you anytime, even though it’s not the same as face-to-face. <3

-The Support Team

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