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Hi Dan,

When you say you feel like you’ve been shot I get a sense of how deeply the pain is piercing you right now and that death feels right there with you in your pain. It seems that you have watched those you love move away from you in the past year and that this friend you’re letting go of now feels like the last piece of solid foundation beneath you being ripped away. We are here for you Dan to be some solid earth beneath you as long as you need us.

I can hear how much harder things become for you once the medication leaves your system and you’re without your defenses in battle — I picture you as a wounded soldier and the war rages on around you with no protection and no one helping you to safety. I get the sense that you think you might find some peace or help if you go to the hospital but that no one in your life is willing to help get you there. We are here for you Dan and if you need immediate assistance we are available by chat 6-11pm PST (and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights).

<3 The Support Team

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