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I can only imagine how ill you are feeling right now. I’m scared for you and your physical health, hearing that you feel yourself dying. When you say it hurts I’m wondering if you have taken these concerns to a doctor?

Can I ask if the overdose you survived was a suicide attempt? I can imagine that you chose this Thread of the forum for a reason, and am glad you feel safe in sharing your experience with us. It sounds like these dark feelings have been with you for a long time now and that you are feeling almost apathetic about death?

Are you open to getting some help? I’m really scared for you and do not want to imagine you taking your last breath any time soon. If you feel in danger please call 911 or a crisis line. If you want to Chat we are online every evening for you. We would love to hear more about the emotions behind that overdose and support you through this time.

<3 be safe
The Support Team

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