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Hey Danielle,

I am sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time right now. It sounds like you really want to do a good job and the thought of making a mistake and having people judge or be disappointed in you is paralyzing for you.

I get the sense that even though you know it takes time to learn something new and that mistakes are a big part of learning, your feelings of anxiety are taking over and making it difficult sometimes for you to believe that’s true. I imagine it’d be pretty frustrating to have your nervousness making it so much harder for you do the job. It seems as if you’re panicking about doing a good job and panicking about panicking and that sounds very stressful!

You mentioned wanting to combat your anxious feelings, and I wondered what have you done in the past to help yourself feel calm and cope in challenging situations?

I’ll be sending you thoughts of strength and courage while you try and find your footing at this new job.

We’re here for you <3


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