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Hi Joy,

I can hear how desperate you are for a sense of love and connection as you reach out across the technological universe and I want you to know that we at youthspace care very deeply about your life and your wellbeing. I am honoured that you take such a risk time and time again to share your pain with us in such a vulnerable way and I hope that you can feel us sending support back your way through cyberspace.

I’m really getting a sense of how much you crave a sense of peace in your life and some quiet amidst the noise of the problems that surround you. I’d imagine that a healthy life feels so far away from your present circumstances. It seems that you are really hard on yourself for staying in bed and crying and I wonder if maybe this is the best way that you can take care of yourself in this moment? I wonder if there might be room to show yourself some compassion for the battle you’ve been fighting a need for some rest?

<3 Youthspace

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