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Thing is though life keeps moving and i cant spend life in bed having a pity party, i have to get up each day and do what’s excepted. Nobody is sympathetic especially since I’ve been sick for so long its like everyone’s habituated to it, and don’t want to waste there time.It almost minimizes it and i just have to keep going no matter how bad it is, sometimes its so bad i want to die and yet im still considered the least important case on every doctors list.

Im just i don’t know what to do its so hard each day, physically im getting worse and my mental health is being strained and i don’t even know what im fighting for.

My dream has been pretty much crushed because i need to be in the 95% range to get into the university program i so desperately want but im barely making by with the little energy i have right now and with my disability that score is impossible :( only 5% error in my world of constant mistakes.

Im becoming so hopeless,
i have such little support and i cant stand alone anymore. You guys help though its like the best snippet of the day to read your kind words, i wish there was more people like you.


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