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I got really sick a awhile ago and just been so lost in the motion… hi.

Yeah my girlfriend became very manipulative and expected me to save her and i couldn’t handle that and so i left her and its hard when shes at school and goes to the lgbt group i went to cause i brought her so i kind of lost my only supports now. she tries to act like nothing happened but she really hurt me with her actions to get all of my attention.

the church is also on my case about staying “GAY” free as in not doing anything gay so that i don’t get corrupted. so that’s super fun and completely destructive of my self esteem.

Since i was sick ive fallen behind in school again like a stupid failure i am and im so tired i have no energy and the doctors refuse to help me. im so very tired no matter how hard i try all the things i do right my world falls apart around me and i don’t think anyone cares.


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