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Hello Sophiexx,

I am really glad you reached out to us again. After having a few positive weeks, to have everything come crumbling down around you sounds like it would be incredibly disappointing.

I imagine that turning to your parents for love and compassion and being met by their rejection would be very painful for you. I get the sense you’ve been trying hard to talk with them, to be vulnerable and share your fears and your sadness. I’d guess that would make the fact that it seems like they are ignoring you now hurt even more. I can really hear how much you’re longing for someone to be there for you, to truly see you and understand what it is like for you. I think all of us need and deserve that kind of care and support.

You mentioned how much you want these painful feelings to end and that you’ve written a dark letter and I wondered if suicide is on your mind again?

It sounds like this is a really scary and lonely time for you. Please know, we are always here to listen and help you the best we can. Stay in touch.
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