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Hello Alexia11,

Welcome to the Youthspace Forum. It seems as if you have a huge amount of stress to deal with right now. You mentioned you’ve been self-harming, and I imagine you’ve been in a pretty dark place these last three years and trying to cope with it all. I am really glad you reached out to us to share what’s going on for you <3.

Your relationship with your friend sounds pretty complicated. I get the sense you’ve been doing your best to be supportive to her and at the same time, feeling really frustrated with her because she is not doing the same for you. I imagine it would be a very draining relationship for you, when it seems as if your problems don’t matter to her and you are not getting the care and support you need too. It sounds like a lot of pressure for you to be coping with her suicidal feelings on top of everything else you’re going through. Does anyone else know that your friend is feeling suicidal?

You said “I don’t know what to do because self conclusion seems tempting.” and I am sorry but I am having trouble getting what you meant. Are you saying that you have thoughts of suicide?

Please know we’re here for you and feel free to chat in as well if you’d like. Our chat service is available any evening between 6:00pm-12:00am PST

Stay in touch <3


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