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Hi Rio_Rion,

Welcome to I’m glad that you did post here – and that you were honest with your words. I can hear that you’re struggling to see through the haze of anxiety and depression, and that it’s been a LONG battle for you. I can imagine that it’s exhausting to bring up these things and to scrape together the energy to reach out when you’ve tried so many paths, without feeling like you’ve made progress.

I get the sense that you feel a shift within yourself, like things have gotten even worse. Like the bit of hope you were clinging to has been fraying. I can imagine it feels both saddening and terrifying to feel as though you’re closer to that edge….but maybe it’s also just hard to feel anything anymore? I wonder if you’ve been thinking about suicide?

I read your words. And I found them to be compelling. I hope that you are able to keep reaching for help. Remember that we have email counselling and live chat also available on this site. We’re here for you.

Youthspace Support Team

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