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Did you guys not hear what happened?
Some one called the police after reading the first post that I wrote from all the way in Vancouver, and the cops appeared in front of my door at night wanting to take me to the hospital where I was involuntary emitted into the hospital for two weeks. No, I don’t feel better but I don’t feel sad either. I have a huge patch in my life including school from if I miss a day from class, I miss everything. There’s huge tension in my house and not a lot of people would know where I’ve been unless I have told them. So I’m overwhelmed, more confused about my identity, and every last fiber of passion I have has left me. So this will be the last try for me, I am going to horribly adapt to me surroundings, my major depression, my PTTSD and my anxiety the best I can cause I realized nothing can help, and that only I can make myself better. With or without a forced smile, “I just have to do me.”
But thanks though for listening to me and stuff. At least you tried

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