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Hi Rio_Rion,

I’m glad to hear from you. I can imagine the last few weeks have been a huge upheaval, causing serious disruption to your life. Unwanted and likely unwelcome! Sounds like you have lost even more hope, and are left in a very discouraged place. The tone of your post here is foreboding, and I’m curious to learn more about what you mean by your “last try”. I’m hearing you say that only you can make yourself better – I’m wondering if you feel empowered to improve your health, or if you have a plan to make big changes?

You said that after the hospital visit ‘every last fiber of passion’ has disappeared. I hear the numbness that you are living in – like a fog bank has blanketed any hope or passion you once had.

I hope you know we want to keep listening, and supporting you in ways that work for you. What do you think are your next steps? Is there anything we can offer to support you in your journey?

Here for you,

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