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Sorry life got stupid and I couldn’t bring myself to chat in. My friend* has been trying to help me out a lot. She even lets me sleep over when it gets bad. Its been nice to have someone there but sometimes I feel like she doesn’t understand. Maybe you are right about the depression, life seems a whole lot less hopeful recently. I had to cut back a LOT at work. I even got into a fight with a coworker at work*, nothing physical, just them talking shit about me. I mean fuck its not my fault I have anxiety attacks, I try my best to live and be productive, I should have to listen to them tell me how I should just suck it up.

Someone told me to colour things the other day to help distract from this stupid anxiety. I even went out and bought this adult colouring book. I thought it was a little odd, as if colouring should be for kids or something, but I actually found it helped. So that and spending time with my friend* are really what I do now. It helps but sometimes its not enough and I just want to hide away from it all.

* Name removed by Youthspace

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