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Welcome back to the forum, Rio_Rion,
I can hear how frustrated you are that you have not been able to motivate yourself to go to school. I get the sense that while you actually do not mind school, it has been so hard to find the energy to get out of the cocoon of depression you find yourself in. I can hear how badly you want that to change. I’d imagine this could leave you wondering why this is happening to you and when all these overwhelming emotions will stop disrupting your life. It sounds like you’re quite isolated, laying in your bed alone with these all these thoughts. I’m glad you were able to reach out to us, and I welcome you to chat in through the live chat/texting service if you would like some more immediate responses and support. In the meantime, I am wondering if there is anyone you have been able to turn to over the last three long and difficult days? Please know we are here for you if you need to talk, we want to hear from you. <3

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