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Hey greenmantim. Welcome to the Youthspace forum.

It sounds like you were feeling really down, and had been feeling that way for quite a while.
I would imagine that you expected the doctor-prescribed anti-depressants to help a little, but instead they pushed your thoughts of suicide to become even stronger, so much so that you tried to kill yourself twice while under the influence of alcohol. That sounds like it would be an unexpected and intense turn of events, as you might have gone to an even darker and scarier place.

I sense that you’re feeling some surprise and curiosity because you came out of your second suicide attempt feeling better than you had before. I also wonder if it had something to do with your new anti-depressants, and I imagine that they might have had some effect. How have you been feeling around depression and suicide since then?

I think that it is completely up to you, if you feel safe and comfortable, to bring this up when you speak with your doctor or your counselor.

While you’re always welcome to post here, I also want to say that you are totally welcome to chat in with us to talk through what’s been going on for you, and explore some options for receiving more information. We’re
Please feel free to chat in (or text us). We are open every night from 6pm to midnight PST.

Keep in touch, and take care.



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