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Hi Krysta,

Sounds like you are in a very confusing and exhausting place right now. I can image in is quite frustrating to “know” what you should be feeling but not actually feeling it. It sounds like this is not something new (you mentioned trying group work before). I am wondering if there were things you did through that group that helped then and may help now?

It can definitely be frustrating to seek out some support and fear that they will only guide you back to what you have already done. If you are not feeling like going to the health clinic for some ideas you may be interested in the free e-mail counselling we have access through the Pacific Centre. You don’t have to use if for counselling, though you can, they are also great resources for getting ideas on how to help. You can fill out a form here: and they will get back to you within 3 days.

You are also always welcome to chat with us any night. We are open 6 pm to 12 am Pacific Time.

Facing the unknown can be terrifying, especially when you are not feeling like you can trust those around you. We are here to support you on your journey towards finding some of those answer.


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