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Hey Dashing Daisy,

Sounds like a lot has been happening for you! How are you coping with the ups and downs… what’s helping you keep everything together?

Im worried about you being bashed by M’s ex (and others?) – jealousy is a scary emotion. From what you wrote before, you sound worried about the opinions that other people have of your relationship (whatever it is). I can really understand how much it frustrates and scares you to think about what others think and say (and do) about it when they don’t really know what’s going on. Theres so much judgment in our world :(

Before, it sounded like you were somewhat angry at the role that sex played in your life; it sounded like you felt urges that you wish you didn’t have and were frustrated that you were obliged to seek sexual partners to satisfy you. Now though, I’m hearing that you’re enjoying your time with M, including the sexual intimacy? I would imagine that it’s a relief to find a person who can satisfy your urges, and be fun to hang out with? You also mentioned your experience at the addiction services group… even though you have so much frustration, you keep fighting for help… your determination is incredible – you go! Its inspiring :)

Stay strong DashingDaisy. I know these are times of change for you… know you’re not alone.

the Support Team

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