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Hey there iheartfood,

Thanks so much for writing to us! I’m stoked you made an account cos I can hear that writing about your concerns has lightened the weight of these issues.

Sounds like you’ve recently become curious about your old diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety, and want to learn more about how these factors may play a role in the challenges you face. I’m thinking that you have been learning to live with these “disorders” for a long time…what do you find helps?

It seems like you have done your research, and are aware of the symptoms of these two factors, which is awesome. If you want to check out some more resources about anxiety we have a few helpful ones…for example has some quizzes (even one for Social Anxiety!) that you can take to check out where you are at.

I can appreciate how important it is for you to feel prepared, and when you are uncomfortable about a situation your anxiety levels skyrocket. It sounds like social interactions are sometimes enough to make you feel paralyzed by anxiety, unsure how to act or what someone is thinking…what do you do in these situations to feel safe?

I’m so glad that you’ve connected with a counselor that is supportive and safe to talk to. Your ability to reach out and connect with people over your anxiety/ADHD is really inspiring to me, iheartfood.

I’d really welcome you to use our Chat service also if you’d like… We can talk more about resources or whatever :) We’re open 6-11pm every night (West Coast time).

<3 the Support Team

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