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Hi Nie,

Thanks for answering our question. It seems like right now it’s hard to face things straight on, and you’d rather not have to deal with parents or questions, or any of this. I get the sense that you’d rather just be left alone, or given a way to escape from it all. The statement about having a “weird plan” makes me scared for you, and I really hope that it’s not a suicide plan, but perhaps a different way to get a break from everything that has had you trapped? I won’t pressure you to tell us what that plan is, but know that we’re here if you choose to share.

I can hear how uncomfortable and unpleasant you feel when you’re full. It sounds like that might be really connected to some of the control that you feel when you are purging — I imagine you feel out of control and unhappy when you are full, and that it makes your temper shorter than it might usually be?

We’re here as you sort these feelings out, Nie.
The Support Team

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