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Hi Nie,

From the beginning of this forum thread you’ve talked about the feelings of self-hate and pain that sometimes make you feel like you wish that you were dead. The last couple of posts, you’ve mentioned still having some of the same habits, but also feeling like things have been looking up a bit. In light of that bit of relief, I can imagine how crushing it was to tell someone and end up in a situation where you feel like things might crumble back to the way that they were… that must be really disappointing and frightening.

You’ve talked about wanting control before, and it seems like you’re probably feeling very stripped of it right now. :( From what you’ve said, it sounds like you might be feeling like you’re trapped in a room that just keeps getting smaller.

We’re here if you want to talk through any of what’s going on for you. I can only imagine that it must feel really stressful and unbearable at points to be under so much scrutiny and pressure, and we’re here if you just need to vent.

The Support Team

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