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Hey Nie,

I can really hear how much you are looking forward to your time away from the pressure of monitored eating. It seems like the anticipation of feeling in control again is getting you through the week and lessening your desire to end your life. I can imagine how happy you must feel to have something immediate to be excited about.

I get the sense that this trip feels like a well deserved break that will bring some temporary relief from your suffering and allow you to regain that control of at least one aspect of your life. I’m pretty worried though to imagine you engaging in your habits of disordered eating for three full days. While your excitement for this trip is currently keeping you alive, I’m wondering how you can stay alive when you return to purging?

As I’m sure you know, bulimia can cause longterm health complications, so my concern is for your body now and in the future. Do you know when/where to draw the line? How do you stay safe?

Let us know if you want to explore other options to cope. There are some incredible resources in our world and we want to support you in feeling this level of control in your life. You are worth fighting for Nie.

Thank you for your courage in being so open with us.
Sending warm wishes for your ski trip,
The Support Team <3

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