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This week I have been feeling about the same maybe worse because I have all these happy couples it makes me feel like I can’t do my jobs which is life if your wondering why I feel that way because people don’t want to know how I am really they want me to be good because that means that the “job” is great so there is that side of the feelings the other side is relationships and wondering if or what I get to have I have to go into these other relationships and I am expected to be happy well I am far from it
I didn’t say much to the care person I talked to last week because I know that it won’t be good given the past workers:(
i sent this to the person i talked to after we met today
I was feeling like I can’t do this job dan i am feeling really hopeless i know that I seem good today i was hiding even from you in the beginning but at the end i finally opened up i need to i just am hiding because I am emotionally so tired i don’t know what to say anymore i know I need to get help but i can’t get the energy to get help

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