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My heart goes out to you, being surrounded by people who are supposed to care for you, but feeling like they only just want you to be happy so their job is done. I can hear your frustration, anger even, at the expectations people have of you – like you’re supposed to be happy just because they are there, when really it’s so much more complicated than that, and the disconnect you feel from other people deepens because they don’t understand… It sounds like you let very little of your real feelings slip out to the care workers because of the experiences you’ve had in the past. :(

If I’m understanding correctly, you sent the last part of the message you posted here to the new person that you were talking with? How did it feel to share your exhaustion and hopelessness with someone?

You’ve mentioned a couple of times that you might be interested in getting some kind of help…what do you think that would look like for you, Dan?

We’re here for you in these down days, Dan. Stay strong. <3

The Support Team

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