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Hi Dan,

I can really hear how desperate you are to have the pain go away.Yearning for the relationships that seem so inaccessible to you, that everyone around you appears to have…being haunted by your past and feeling like an outcast from everybody else.

Seems that believing that people don’t care about you makes it soooo much harder to express yourself. I hope in those times you remember that we really do care about you. I can imagine you are feeling very hopeless and inconsolable, seeing all those happy people in their relationships, merely expressing yourself just doesn’t feel like enough :(

I am wondering if there is anything out there that does help you feel more human in times where talking gets you nowhere? It sounds like you have felt this way before and got through it. Thank you for continuing to inspire us with your determination Dan…You have been so strong Dan to survive this roller coaster ride.

We are with you no matter what…

The Support Team

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