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Hey Dan,

It seems like Thursday was a really significant day for you, hey? I would guess that the 25th of April brings back so much confusion and pain for you, as though you are relive that day just as fresh and raw as it was 9 years ago.

I can hear that there have been some positives in the past 9 years, and that you can see that in some ways you have grown a lot from where you started. I can also hear how exhausting it is to look back on the time and see how much of a fight it was to get through. I would guess you feel disheartened facing the future alone, and wish you could instead put your head under the covers of that emotional bed and shelter yourself from any more tough times. I can hear you’re feeling the urge to give up on your future…where are your thoughts of suicide at right now?

Take care Dan,
the Support Team

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