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Hi Dan,

It seems like there are moments when you start to feel like it’s a good day — but then something happens to remind you of your pain and that makes it hard again. I hope you find some relief in those times where the mood feels lighter and you experience some calm in the storm of emotions. Was there anything that was going on today before your session that made it seem particularly good?

I’m hearing you say that your struggles with feeling like a job are overwhelming enough but then they also get in the way of your desire to be in a relationship. I hear that the idea of a loving relationship brings you some comfort but you don’t see yourself getting there and that brings on the feeling of hopelessness all over again. It sounds like you’re trapped in a circle of isolation without seeing a doorway out of the loneliness.

I’m so glad you feel comfortable to reach out here and tell us what’s happening for you on these days of good and bad.

<3 The Support Team

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