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Hey Dan,

As always, thanks for being honest and keeping us up to date on how you are doing. While you’re on the pill, it sounds like things are easier to deal with, but that the medication doesn’t completely mask everything, and sometimes the feelings and thoughts about suicide still rear their heads. I can imagine that those moments, going so quickly from good to bad and back again so quickly are difficult to cope with because they take you by surprise. I wonder if you feel like you can’t really trust your own emotions?

It must be draining to have to train new people so often, and to feel like they are temporary in your life and you never get the connection with them that you crave. I can hear how hard it is to have hope and interest in the future when it feels like it is just going to bring more of the same pain.

We know how important it is to feel like you are heard, Dan…and I can hear how heartbreaking it is to feel like your feelings are invisible to those around you. <3

The Support Team

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