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Hi Dan,

I’m hearing you say that when you don’t have your medication your thoughts turn to those that you feel don’t truly care for you and wonder how they would react if you were to disappear off of this earth. It seems like your energy is so focused on making those around you happy that you have none left to nurture yourself or give thought to your own well being. I wonder if there is anything you do that is just for yourself — to honour all that you give to others?

I want to check in with the thoughts of suicide you’ve been discussing here lately — I get the sense that when you talk in this post about being gone you are referring to ending your life — am I correct? I want to check in with how strong those thoughts are right now and what can be done to help keep you safe?

I’m glad that you are so willing to open up here about your thoughts and feelings Dan. We are here to listen and to support you.

<3 The Support Team

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