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So I am feeling very alone and I know I should go to the hospital but they don’t want me there but out here I am very sad I can’t act on the suicidal feelings and thoughts became I know it won’t get me anywhere I feel that I want help but I know there is no help: ( I am writing this because I don’t want it to just be in my head

I am reminded about the nurse I told I was being abused I know suicide is a different topic it feels that I have nobody really supporting me I don’t want to go on the future is so dark and my past is even darker I am running out of words to express myself I don’t know what to do because I have workers all around me and I want out I free that these care people are my task to keep happy some people might say that it is because my parents are away and last week I would have agreed but this is not only this week although it may have started it but it feels bigger

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