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do people care it doesn’t feel like anybody does i want to give up i am done my crazy dan day which is every real day is a minute in dan day i feel that I started my dan day *a day in* 2005 that day is symbolic for me when the pain started I am writing this because I am out of opinions I really feel alone this Christmas I know I go through this every Christmas but this year is really hurting I say that every Christmas too listening to the same words coming out of the same people and different people I don’t know if I should die I have nothing to fight for when I started my “job” I was promises It would get better but here we are 11 years later and yes I had some good days but I want to quit because I am done I am beyond done I have said that every Christmas but I had people die this past year and I am feeling that I am lost not knowing where to go

*Edited by the Support Team for identifying information

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