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Hi Dan,

I am hearing that you feel a bit hopeless about the fast approaching New Year. With Christmas almost here, it comes as no surprise that 2014 is on your mind. It probably feels really discouraging to bring in the New Year when you do not feel like you have the kind of support that you really need over the holidays. I guess you feel like it would be impossible to get the support you want if you think that you already have all the help you can get. I get the idea that thinking that you have all the help that is available to you, doesn’t leave you with much optimism for more options.

I get the sense that you are really sick of starting over with new people. Seems like on the one hand you feel like maybe there is hope that the new person will help in a way others couldn’t but on the other hand they might just bring you to the same place as the last one and then they are gone. It must be really frustrating for you to get to know someone and then they leave. Like you are always grieving the loss of someone :( . It seems like you crave some consistency with the people in your life.

It sounds like you are feeling like there is so much tension inside of you that is wanting to burst, and there is no way to explode and get release. I can imagine the helplessness that you feel is something that you want so badly to battle but you haven’t been able to find the right weapon to fight against it. I am wondering, if you could build the weapon against feeling helpless, what would it look like?

We are here for you Dan, in forum, chat and ecounselling. Please don’t hesitate anytime you need to talk.

With so much gratitude of the strength you show us all,

The Support Team <3

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