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Hey Dan,

It sounds as though the approaching New Year is really bringing up some intense feelings for you. I am getting the sense that as this year wraps up and you look towards the next, you’re scared that things aren’t going to change for you in 2014, that your life is going to stay the same. You’re feeling pretty hopeless about life in general, and I’m worried for you, seeing that suicide is on your mind.

I can hear how tired and fed up you are of feeling bad and how much you want to feel differently about the things in your life. You say you feel as if you are without words now and I get the sense it feels futile for you to reach out to others. I want to let you know we always want to hear about what’s going on for you, Dan.

How can you keep yourself safe and supported through this tough time?

Please Chat in if you want to talk more. We’re thinking of you.

The Support Team.

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