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That mountain is really big I don’t know if I can take it I am weak from this past years and now this New Year with so many changes I don’t know if I can take it you ask if 8 was high or low well I put it on the high end of sadness and wanting things to end I can’t do this next year alone and I feel that way:(
Crazy day I went from feeling OK that Christmas is over but I feel that I need to have some relief I feel that I am running on emotional agential can’t see the light at the good side of live I feel that I have been doing this dan day for so long I think of all the people I effected I have a feeling that the people in my past they probably forgot about the issues I have about if I did see them again they pretend that nothing happened I think well I don’t want to say this but the truth is I have nobody right now that I can get over my friend not e-e-mailing me back the friend that was always there for me went I needed to talk I guess people move on my question for myself is why can I move on that is why I can’t see myself going through this New Year’s let me refrains that I feel that I have to die or I keep fighting and hope that it will get better I am safe I just feel really sad and scared :(

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