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AS this year end i feel as if a part of me gets left in the same way people forget about me and they don’t care how I feel i could die but would that be the best thing apart of me wants to call it quits but at the same time i want to keep fighting it i was thinking last night if i didn’t have pain would i feel sad because pain is all i know that is sad that’s the way it is i don’t want this next year to come but it will come no matter what i do:(
I am sitting here thinking about all the changes underway can I do it again i don’t know if I can this year have been a nightmare in a dan day tomorrow will carry on like it never ends y am I finishing I have to stay in this job which is my life next week i am losing my main support you know I don’t care about losing care workers because they don’t really know me but the people that are knowing me deeply when they go its like my world is ending and I have to carry on the battle without them :(

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