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Hi Dan,

I can hear that things are sometimes decent lately, but that the dark times keep coming back too.. I imagine it’s scary to be in those lighter times, and not be sure if/when the pain would come back really strongly again soon. It must be so draining to be going up and down like that. :’(

I’m sensing that you’ve been able to reach out to one of the people who works for you about what’s going on inside? I can appreciate how much strength it must have taken to talk with them… it sounds there’s always that lingering fear in the back of your mind of not wanting to get too close and get hurt. I’m wondering how opening up to the worker went for you?

I can really hear how painful it is to see others in relationships Dan, and I’m so glad you’re here talking with us, and to those around you. Your ability to keep fighting is truly inspiring. <3

Stay strong,

The Support Team.

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