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Hey Dan,

I can hear how hard it is for you to let go of someone who you valued so much and to start all over with some new, someone you don’t know yet. It isn’t every day that you find someone that you feel you can truly connect with. I imagine that good support is really hard to find and when they leave, it probably feels like you have lost a member of your family. Like someone/something in your life is missing. I get the sense that seeing them go leaves you feeling a little bit abandoned :(.

It seems like you are grieving the loss of a person that meant a lot to you and that you have grown a little attached to from the comfort that you felt in her presence. Seems like you feel that she really knew you well. I can imagine that it is frustrating to start from the beginning with someone else but I am hearing that the new person may also be good too and as hard as it is to let something good go, new beginnings may lead to anticipation of what it will be like, which could be good :).

It seems that with mourning your past relationship, it is difficult to be excited about the new one. I am wondering if there is any way that you can think of to honor her as a way of saying goodbye and attaining closure from the relationship?

Thanks for your candid posts Dan, you are always in our hearts <3

-The Support Team

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