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Oh Dan,

You weren’t ready for this year, but it came anyway, hey? I can imagine it feels like you’re running a race, but nobody thought to tell you how long the race was, and now you’re so tired that you’re wondering if there even IS a finish line.

I can tell that it feels like you either have to go off like the “ticking time bomb”, or keep going by putting yourself on numb autopilot. It sounds like staying alive doesn’t bring you much hope of a change anymore, especially since you’ve lost people that you care for in the last year. If you don’t mind me asking, Dan, is there anyone in your life who you can talk to about the feelings you’re having from losing people?

We are always here for you, Dan. I know that your heart is being dragged down by sadness right now, and as always, I invite you to share it here. <3 <3

The Support Team

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